Ferra offers trust. quality. the best prices.

Since its establishment in 2009, Ferra has distinguished itself as a leading company and a reliable partner in the special steel market. Over the years, Ferra has developed into a specialist for its partners' special requirements taking its competency to an even further level. With its full line of expertise in a wide range of products with special grades, dimensions and shapes, Ferra aims to meet exact needs of its clients.

As Ferra, we take pride in maintaining our service quality, providing the best customer service experience in our area proven by a rate of almost 100% returning customers.

What we offer

  • Ultimate attention to each customer and inquiry regardless of the quantity assuring full customer satisfaction at each transaction
  • Determination to suply “hard-to-find” materials complying with even the most complex product specifications and certification requirements thanks to our global supply chain
  • Expertise to offer price advantage by direct importing, combined orders and freight
  • Just-in-time delivery thanks to our capability to manage most challenging logistics operations
  • Experience and realibility to supply best quality products at the right price
  • Flexibility and dynamism to act immediately upon special conditions and changing requirements
  • Organization and means to fullfill our promises
  • Capacity to take immediate action to handle and solve claims or complaints if any

We invite you to join our ever-growing number of partners and experience our difference.